Esm Elint Receiver 2

4 RF input channels
which provide DF capability.

General Description

Compact ESM/ELINT Receiver receives radar signals across 2 GHz to 18 GHz spectrum and instantly generates Pulse Description Words including Frequency, Amplitude, Pulse Width, Time of Arrival, PRI etc. data to be transmitted over Gigabit Ethernet interface. There is also LVDS interface for critical settings and telemetry data.

There are 4 RF input channels which provide DF capability. Compact designs incorporate DFD and SDLVA blocks as well as signal processor board which generates PDWs in nano seconds. Signal processor is capable of generating more than 2 million PDWs per second. User may define digital filters to get rid of undesired ones. It also incorporates switch multiplexer filters to eliminate undesired bands for each input channel separately.

TUALCOM has ongoing projects utilizing superheterodyne receivers for a broader frequency range and DRFM based solutions for various applications such as radar simulators, ECM, COMINT systems etc.


Key Specifications

  • High Precision & High Resolution
  • PDW Generation
  • MIL-STD-810G / 461F Compatible
  • Digital Filtering
  • Excellent SwaP (Size/Weight/Power)
  • Ultra Fast Response
  • Integrated SwMux Filters



  • Low SWaP
  • Suitable for deployment in small unmanned platforms
  • Suitable for Stealth ELINT Missions
  • ESM/ELINT drone for naval, land and air operations
  • Ideal for minature electronic support applications


Weight (g) 8000
Dimensions (cm) 41 x 26 x 7.5
Operating Voltage & Input Current 1800 mA @28 V DC
Environmental Condition MIL-STD-810G
EMI / EMC MIL-STD-416F Compatible
Frequency Range 2-18 GHz
Instantaneous Bandwidth 16 Ghz
Frequency Sensitivity 1 MHz
Frequency Precision 3 MHz RMS
Dynamic Range 65 dB (-55, +10 dBm)
Min. Pulse Width 100 ns
Max. Pulse Width CW
PW Precision 10 ns
Operating Temperature -40 °C To +80 °C
Connectors SMA Female MIL-STD-38999