About Us

Making RF visible...

Fast, customized and state-of-the art solutions with indigenous designs.

TUALCOM operates in the fields of communication and RF technologies. In addition to providing fast, customized and state-of-the art solutions with our indigenous designs, we also participate in various projects carried out by country’s leading space technology and defense companies.

Our main objective is to develop and produce compact, efficient and general purpose or application specific communication and RF systems, sub-systems and modules. In addition to communication systems, our product family also includes high frequency and broadband systems related to radar and electronic warfare.

TUALCOM gives utmost importance research and development activities. By transforming these activities into end products, our company has become one of the leading companies in data links, telemetry systems and electronic warfare in a short period of time. Supplying various products for different platforms, TUALCOM is one of the most trusted suppliers for major defense companies in Türkiye and started exporting its products to worldwide.


In accordance with national and international standards and also certifications in line with our business objectives; TUALCOM designs, manufactures and delivers defense industry products and services. Our products and services also continously comply customer needs and expectations in terms of schedule, cost, performance and quality. Our operations acts with the principle of continuous improvement to increase efficiency and quality. Within the understanding of production that respects human health and environment, our processes reaches all of its goals by considering the happiness of the employees.

TUALCOM establishes total quality awareness by ensuring that everyone adopts the belief that quality is a process that needs continuous development and continuity rather than a target to be achieved.

TUALCOM creates and develops its quality consciousness at all levels inside and outside the company. Our company deploys an organizational structure to effectively implement and continuously improve it’s quality management system, business processes, relations with customers, suppliers and industry sector. With utilizing knowledge based technologies TUALCOM produces high-tech, cost-effective and high-efficiency products for our country and all around the world. Without compromise, our company TUALCOM produces its added value products with respect to the highest level of the international quality standards.

All TUALCOM employees are directly responsible for the quality of the production in all process cycles.